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January 31, 2009

The Blood & Turnips Poetry Festival Anthology

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This is the anthology for the one-man show, The Blood & Turnips Poetry Festival, which was first performed by the author in San Francisco in 1975 at Intersection Theater, and later at other venues.

Download here:

Blood & Turnips Introduction

Authors’ Credits

Blood & Turnips Anthology

January 15, 2009

We Tie Our Wings to the Trees

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Wings to the Trees CoverWe Tie Our Wings to the Trees is prose poems from 2006-07 .

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We Tie Our Wings to the Trees

January 14, 2009

Attack of the Heart

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Attack of the Heart Cover

Attack of the Heart was written in 2002, after a heart attack that shocked my body and mind, as if my body and mind had been living an illusion of the reality of their own transience. Despite consciousness of mortality and the awareness of greater being, this simple occurrence in the blood brought the reality of death into a more tangible presence. Suddenly, my body accepted its transient reality. My mind followed, in reordered thought, as if everything I once thought of death became what I knew of it. Everything that had been true became true, and in that, there is freedom in being human. Freedom became known to me in the body, for the first time, as if it were a function of the body, beyond being an occurrence of consciousness in awareness.

Download here:

Attack of the Heart

January 11, 2009

Never Mind Gertrude Stein

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Never Mind Cover

Never Mind Gertrude Stein, a collection of aphorisms, was begun in 1982, after an incident in the Owl and Monkey Cafe in San Francisco. I was sitting with Chuck Ferrera, when I said something clever. Chuck suggested I write it down. I said it was just a remark. He said I was a writer, and I should write it down. I said that Gertrude Stein had said, “Remarks aren’t Literature.” Chuck said, “Fuck Gertrude Stein, you’re a writer, write it down.” So, I did, and began to compile that and other aphoristic remarks into a volume, then titled, “The Captain of the Wind.” At the time, I had read only two books of aphorisms in my life, one by La Rochefoucault and the other by someone else, whose name escapes me. I sent the book to Northpoint Press, in Berkeley, and they wrote back that they were “swamped with aphorisms.” The same day, I read, in the New York Times Book Review, new reviews of three books of aphorisms. Over the years, I turned these “remarks” into greeting cards, after doing the drawings that accompany them, and called them, “Small Talk.” I have reverted to nearly the original sense, calling them “Never Mind Gertrude Stein.” I thought of calling them “Fuck Gertrude Stein”, but that was Chuck’s attitude, not mine, and I think Never Mind Gertrude Stein scans better.

Never Mind Gertrude Stein:

January 9, 2009

I Became a Florist to Run for the Roses

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I Became a Florist CoverI Became a Florist to Run for the Roses is a collection of occupational justifications. From 2001.









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I Became a Florist

January 8, 2009

The Boy Who Named Himself

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The Boy Who Named Himself Cover

The Boy Who Named Himself is a fable, written in Lucknow, India, in early 1992 and performed for a small group of delightfully indifferent people from around the world  on the lawn of the Carlton Hotel. One older woman said, at the time, “You may think this story will change the world, but it won’t.” She was right, of course. The world does or does not change itself.

Download here:

The Boy Who Named Himself

Spike’s Eye View

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Spike's Eye View CoverSpike’s Eye View is a book of cartoons for children and others, from 2000.









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January 7, 2009

The True Story of Zenman

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The True Story of Zenman CoverThe True Story of Zenman is a book of cartoons, compiled in 2001, for children and adults, that could also be an introduction to Zenwords. 








January 5, 2009

Music Night

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Music Night CoverMusic Night, abstract poetry and art, was written and painted one night in the Honey Bear Bakery Cafe, in Seattle, in the mid-Nineties. Music Night Stanzas is a better version of the printing that accompanies the artwork.


Download here:

Music Night Stanzas

January 4, 2009

The Cartoon Kid

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The Cartoon Kid Cover

The Cartoon Kid is a collection of cartoons, my attempt to create a New Yorker style cartoon, a life-long ambition, it seems.

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