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July 6, 2012

Steve Abhaya Brooks – Poetry, Prose, and Art

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Steve Brooks

Here are the books I am happy to have in print. All are now available on Simply type in Steve Abhaya Brooks and you’ll see a list of the available titles, with excerpts.

She Saw Me and Said So, my most recent poems.  70 pages, $15

Leaves Fall in August,  recent Haiku poetry, 70 Pages, $12

Savage Amusement – A Creative Life in San Francisco in the Seventies – 280 pages, $15

Fearless in Lucknow – A Poet’s Time with a Famous Teacher in India – 108 pages, $12

Borderwalker – A Novella of Fall and Redemption – 98 Pages, $12

Desire Beyond Desire – The Collected Poetry of Steve Brooks- 302 pages, $15

Zenwords – A Zenpendium of Zenguistic Zenfinitions – 128 pages, $15

Life Itself – Awareness in the Form of Zenish Haiku – 68 pages, $10

Altered Egos – The Lives of Historical Characters Reimagined – 276 pages, $15

The Five-Headed Lizard and the Famous Death of a Firefly – Zenish Haiku – 100 pages, $12

Stop Time Look Around – Longer Zenku (Zenish Haiku) – 108 pages, $12

Eating Pizza with a Spoon -The Biography of a Brother Who Killed Himself – 96 pages, $12

The Lyin’ King – Satirical Poems and Drawings – 48 pages, $10

Energy It’s Big Body Rotating – Poems – 44 pages $10

Marbles in the Sand – Poems – 50 pages $12

The Vigil of the Homeward Bound – 24 pages $8

After Emily – 26 pages $10

I recommend you seek out these books on Amazon by author’s name: Steve Abhaya Brooks.

See videos below on this page.

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All artwork on is by the author, except for the cover of The Blood & Turnips Poetry Festival by Alexandra Benjamin, the cover to The Zen of Housepainting by Chris Blum, and the paintings that accompany The Lonely Lion are by Christine Schibly. The cover photo for Fearless in Lucknow was taken by Michael Schiesser. The artwork for Let’s Spend Some Time Together is by Gregory Vose.

The reading at the Altamont is from several books including Essential Occupation, published by New Native Press, available from,,, and The reading at Malaprops is shorter and only from Essential Occupation. 

Nothing is a talk that evolved from two earlier one-man shows,  Keep Talking, in ’75, and The Blood & Turnips Poetry Festival, in ’82. Nothing was recorded in ’03. My son Jaxon first made it available on his insightful and humorous website:

Nothing – A One Man Show is on YouTube.

Steve Brooks at the Altamont is on YouTube. 

Steve Brooks at Malaprops is on YouTube. 

Fearless in Lucknow, a story of my time with a teacher in India, is on Kindle

My Mother’s Chair, Taking Care of Gladys, a book of elder-care, is on Kindle.

Eating Pizza with a Spoon, the story of my brother, is on Kindle.

Hem, by John Mark Brooks, my brother, is on Kindle.

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