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March 27, 2017

The Lyin’ King

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Click on The Presidential Seal to see contents.

The Presidential Seal 




October 5, 2015

That Night in Oaxaca – Crushed Art with Words

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That Night in Oaxaca -Crushed Art with Words, 33 pages, began with paintings from the nude, done over ten years, oil on paper, until one day in 2014, I crushed one of the paintings and something else was revealed.


December 31, 2009

Square Roots

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Square Roots CoverSquare Roots, 48 original watercolor paintings, 5” x 7” each, are, collectively, a small tribute to the art of Marc Rothko. I picked up a book of Rothko reproductions in Borders Books in Bettendorf, Iowa, one afternoon in ’04, and, sitting in the Borders Café, as I was preparing to write what became the book called “Mother”, Rothko’s art brought me to tears, surprising me, at the time.  I was in the Quad Cities, now called the Quint Cities, more specifically, Moline, Illinois, where I was born and raised, after my formative years in McCook, Nebraska. I was living with my mother in the last year of her life, taking care of her and writing about it. After my time with her, I left her in the care of my brother, John, who had been with her for two years before I was. On my return to Seattle, I began a series of paintings based on the square. This series is the result of that time.


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January 11, 2009

Never Mind Gertrude Stein

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Never Mind Cover

Never Mind Gertrude Stein, a collection of aphorisms, was begun in 1982, after an incident in the Owl and Monkey Cafe in San Francisco. I was sitting with Chuck Ferrera, when I said something clever. Chuck suggested I write it down. I said it was just a remark. He said I was a writer, and I should write it down. I said that Gertrude Stein had said, “Remarks aren’t Literature.” Chuck said, “Fuck Gertrude Stein, you’re a writer, write it down.” So, I did, and began to compile that and other aphoristic remarks into a volume, then titled, “The Captain of the Wind.” At the time, I had read only two books of aphorisms in my life, one by La Rochefoucault and the other by someone else, whose name escapes me. I sent the book to Northpoint Press, in Berkeley, and they wrote back that they were “swamped with aphorisms.” The same day, I read, in the New York Times Book Review, new reviews of three books of aphorisms. Over the years, I turned these “remarks” into greeting cards, after doing the drawings that accompany them, and called them, “Small Talk.” I have reverted to nearly the original sense, calling them “Never Mind Gertrude Stein.” I thought of calling them “Fuck Gertrude Stein”, but that was Chuck’s attitude, not mine, and I think Never Mind Gertrude Stein scans better.

Never Mind Gertrude Stein:

January 8, 2009

Spike’s Eye View

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Spike's Eye View CoverSpike’s Eye View is a book of cartoons for children and others, from 2000.









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January 7, 2009

The True Story of Zenman

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The True Story of Zenman CoverThe True Story of Zenman is a book of cartoons, compiled in 2001, for children and adults, that could also be an introduction to Zenwords. 








January 5, 2009

Music Night

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Music Night CoverMusic Night, abstract poetry and art, was written and painted one night in the Honey Bear Bakery Cafe, in Seattle, in the mid-Nineties. Music Night Stanzas is a better version of the printing that accompanies the artwork.


Download here:

Music Night Stanzas

January 4, 2009

The Cartoon Kid

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The Cartoon Kid Cover

The Cartoon Kid is a collection of cartoons, my attempt to create a New Yorker style cartoon, a life-long ambition, it seems.

January 2, 2009

Big Head Theatre

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Big Head Theatre Cover

Big Head Theatre is a collection of satirical cartoons, each one portraying a mini-drama. These drawings were done in 2001.









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