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February 15, 2009


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Borderwalker Cover

Borderwalker is about a poet who becomes lost to himself and discovers a deeper reality.

“He lay in an unhealed heap, drawing his only nourishment from the sun, like a decrepit house plant that hasn’t had light or water for a long time, root-bound and dried out, then moved, palest green, to the sun, and the sun beats down like a tidal wave on a parched and thirsty man, drowned by what he needs, unable to receive it.”

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October 31, 2008

Half Past Kissing Time

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Half Past Kissing Time Cover

Half Past Kissing Time is the real life fiction of a young man’s life, in the summer before he’s to be married; a sequel to the coming-of-age novelization called SWIMMING. The events described in Half Past Kissing Time, are relatively true, in that bastion of unreality, the re-imagined past. 

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Half Past Kissing Time

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