Steve Brooks (Abhaya) – Poetry, Prose & Art

Contents by Title

Contents in alphabetical order:

101 Ways to Avoid Reading Self-Help Books, 11 pages, suggestions, 1996

Altered Egos: A Likely Story, 171 pages, prose, satiric biographies of the famous, infamous, and legendary, 2007-present

Alone, (Everywhere Light Goes Looking) 96 pages, poetry, 2007

American Heretic, college humor magazine, Grinnell College, 1963

Art Work, paintings and drawings, 1990 to the present

Attack of the Heart, 30 pages, poetry, after a first heart attack, 2002

Beck & Call: Let’s Spend Some Time Together, drama, Intersection Theatre, 1972

Big Head Theatre, 202 satirical drawings, 2001

Borderwalker, 55 pages, parable of loss and redemption, 1989

Café Faces, 60 drawings of café patrons, done at various times

Café Life, 117 pages, Life in the Owl and Monkey Café, SF, 1991

Dear Nadja, 179 pages, autobiography that parallels the fiction of Borderwalker, 1982

Eating Pizza with a Spoon, 124 pages, biography, 2013

Energy, 37 pages, poetry, 2000

Essential Occupation, 28 pages, poetry, 2002-4, New Native Press, 2012

Everyone is Naked and Dancing All the Time, 35 pages, poetry, 2008

Excited Utterance, 26 pages, poetic drama, 2012

Exquisite Parody, 30 pages, poetry, 2008

Famous Lost Words, 7 pages, famous expressions as they might have been, 2012

Fearless in Lucknow, 53 pages, prose, in ’92 with Papaji, 1994

Fleshy Blue Boat, 55 pages, poetry, light, early poems, 1972

Flowers, 63 pages, poetry, 2004

Haiku Café, 30 pages, poetry, 2012 

Half Past Kissing Time, 104 pages, novella, sequel to SWIMMING, 1989

I Am, 48 pages, poetry, 2009

I Am Godot, 48 pages, drama, 2013

I Spilled Coffee on the Buddha, 58 pages, imaginative poems and art, 1991

I’m Alive, 29 pages, drama, Seattle Playwrights Festival, Honorable Mention, 1990

Invisible Lion, 137 pages, autobiographical prose, starting over, 1985

Joni, 45 pages, biographical prose, 2002

Let Me Burn, 35 poems, surrealist transliterations, 1976

Life Itself, 146 pages, speaking of awareness in being, 1993-2014

Matisse in LA, 32 pages, poems, 2002

Minnie the Mermaid, 20 pages, fictional prose, short story, 1990

Monkeys on the Temple Steps, 28 pages, poems. 1993

Music Night, 13 pages, abstract art and poetry, in the Honey Bear Bakery Café, Seattle. ’96

Never Mind Gertrude Stein, 200 drawings with aphorisms, 1982

Nothing – A One Man Show, text for video,, 2004

On the Lake of Volcanos, 25 pages, poetry.

Ordinary Ecstasy, 157 pages, journalese, written in the Osho International Meditation Center, Pune, India, 1991-1992

Pardon My French, Illustrations of French Colloquialisms, 1995

Philip Blanc in San Francisco, 6 pages, poems, drawings, Panjandrum Press, 1972

Pick up the Baby – Catastrophic Healing, 101 pages, a journal of discovery, 1989

Practically Advice, 17 pages, Prose phrases, lines, and aphorisms, 2002

Prepare to Dance, 28 pages, poetry, 1993

Raindrops, 55 pages, prose poems of awareness, 1993

Regina, 52 pages, biographical prose, 2002

Savage Amusement, a poet’s life in San Francisco, 212 pages, journal prose, 1975

Silhouettes, 50 pages, definitions at random, 2012

Singing Down the Drain, musical, 2011

Spike’s Eye View, 80 cartoons for children and others, 2000

Square Roots, 48 paintings, art, 200

SWIMMING, 145 pages, coming of age fictionalized autobiography, 1989

My Mother’s Chair, 328 pages, prose, taking care of an elder parent, 2004

The Blood & Turnips Poetry Festival Anthology, 42 pages, satirical poetry with art, performed at Intersection for the Arts, SF, several other venues, 1978-88

The Boy Who Named Himself, 8 pages, fable, reading at The Carlton Hotel, Lucknow, India, 1992

The Cartoon Kid, 76 pages, cartoons, 2000

The Chair Outside the Door, 26 poems, 2010

The Cock Poems by Georgio Vesta, 17 pages, poetry, Love Lights Magazine, 1974

The Dancer in the Heart, 89 pages, poetry, 6 paintings, Philos Press, 2001

The Eternal Ruse, 44 pages, poetry, 1985

The Lonely Lion & All the Animals from A to Z, 26 pages, children’s stories and art, 2001

The Lost Poems of Jesus, 45 pages, poetry, 1993, Talking Raven Magazine, ’94

The Ocean in a Bottle, 26 pages, excerpt from Five on the Western Edge, Momo’s Press, ’75

The Queen of the Rumba, 40 pages, poetry in the city, 1980

The Shredding Sky, 25 pages, poetry.

The True Story of Zenman, 98 drawings with captions, 2001

The Window Seat, 337 pages, prose, some poetry, 1975-85

The Zen of Housepainting, 11 pages, prose, from City Miner Magazine, 1982

Walking in Asheville, 91 pages, poems and photographs, 2011

Walking in Ellensburg, 46 pages, poetry on the streets of Ellensburg, Washington, 2008

Walking in San Francisco, 68 pages, short poems, written on the street, 1974

Walking in The Village, 38 pages, poetry, on the streets of Greenwich Village, NYC. 2013

We Tie Our Wings to the Trees, 247 pages, prose poems, 2006-2007

Wisdom Teeth, 69 somewhat philosophical poems, 2014

Zenwords, 141 pages, prose, redefining words in Zenthink, 1999-2008

Z-The Haiku Collection, 82 pages, poetry, 20 works of Haiku.

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  1. Steve I love the dancer in the heart. You describe my awakening (I guess that’s why I love it). And so prolific – it’s how you stay in the zone, eh?
    Thanks for giving voice to the longing for relationship, and it’s transcendence. From fear to love.

    Comment by Jeff Danner — November 10, 2013 @ 9:08 pm | Reply

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