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January 8, 2009

Spike’s Eye View

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Spike's Eye View CoverSpike’s Eye View is a book of cartoons for children and others, from 2000.









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January 7, 2009

The True Story of Zenman

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The True Story of Zenman CoverThe True Story of Zenman is a book of cartoons, compiled in 2001, for children and adults, that could also be an introduction to Zenwords. 








December 11, 2008

I’m Alive

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I'm Alive CoverI’m Alive is a play, written in 1990, and performed at the Seattle Playwrights Festival, winning the highest prize that year for a full-length drama.

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I’m Alive Introduction

I’m Alive

November 2, 2008

101 Ways to Avoid Reading Self-Help Books

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101 Ways CoverWalking in the Barnes and Noble in the Kahala Mall, in Honolulu, I passed the self-help row. It seemed to go on for miles. I thought, “Somebody ought to write 101 Ways to Avoid Reading Self-Help Books.” Then I thought, “You’re a writer. Why don’t you do it?” So I did. This book, if what I’m saying is true, should work, even if you read it and do absolutely nothing it suggests.

The drawings included here have been sold as a coloring book called Have a Seat!



Download text only here:

101 Ways to Avoid Reading Self-Help Books

101 Ways with illustrations:




October 31, 2008

Half Past Kissing Time

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Half Past Kissing Time Cover

Half Past Kissing Time is the real life fiction of a young man’s life, in the summer before he’s to be married; a sequel to the coming-of-age novelization called SWIMMING. The events described in Half Past Kissing Time, are relatively true, in that bastion of unreality, the re-imagined past. 

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Half Past Kissing Time

October 3, 2008

Millie the Mermaid

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Millie the Mermaid CoverMillie the Mermaid is a fictional story, written in the 90s, of sexual abuse, alcoholism, friendship, abandonment, love and fear. “I don’t know who these people are, and I can remember nothing in my life that parallels this story, but both of these characters came to life for me, and I cared for them as long as they were with me.”

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September 16, 2008

A Likely Story (Altered Egos)

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 Altered Egos CoverA Likely Story (Altered Egos) is a collection of mostly fictional stories of the famous and infamous in history, with an added section of stories about contemporary figures.

“After floating for two days on the open sea, kept afloat by parts of her own demolished airplane, Amelia Earhart washed up on an island, where she was rescued by island natives, who had never heard of her and took her to be a blessing from the gods. They thought she was a visitor from an unidentified flying object they’d seen, days before, when it flew low and fast over their heads like a winged canoe in the sky.

Amelia herself finally accepted the role she denied at first, and became the most famous aviator in the world, Amelia From the Heart of the Air, She Who Crossed The Sky in a Winged Canoe.”

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Altered Egos Contents

Altered Egos: Illustrated




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