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January 2, 2009

Big Head Theatre

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Big Head Theatre Cover

Big Head Theatre is a collection of satirical cartoons, each one portraying a mini-drama. These drawings were done in 2001.









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September 16, 2008

A Likely Story (Altered Egos)

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 Altered Egos CoverA Likely Story (Altered Egos) is a collection of mostly fictional stories of the famous and infamous in history, with an added section of stories about contemporary figures.

“After floating for two days on the open sea, kept afloat by parts of her own demolished airplane, Amelia Earhart washed up on an island, where she was rescued by island natives, who had never heard of her and took her to be a blessing from the gods. They thought she was a visitor from an unidentified flying object they’d seen, days before, when it flew low and fast over their heads like a winged canoe in the sky.

Amelia herself finally accepted the role she denied at first, and became the most famous aviator in the world, Amelia From the Heart of the Air, She Who Crossed The Sky in a Winged Canoe.”

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Altered Egos Contents

Altered Egos: Illustrated




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